Day: April 17, 2024

Digital School for SchoolsDigital School for Schools

Digital School for Schools

Designed by expert in-house educators, the Digital School for Schools for Schools program is built around a platform that allows teachers to deliver class sessions remotely. It provides learners with access to a modern, creative and interactive curriculum and a digital learning system that helps them develop a strong foundation for academic success. The platform also offers students a range of tools for virtual collaboration, including desktop sharing, document-sharing, slide-sharing and video-sharing.

The digital school system is a powerful tool for tackling accessibility challenges and championing inclusivity. By providing access to a standardized set of digital resources, the digital school system ensures that all students, regardless of their geographic location or economic background, have equal opportunities to learn.

Revolutionizing Education: The Rise of Digital School Solutions

As a hazy sun rises over the rural farm community surrounding North Iredell Middle School in North Iredell-Statesville Schools District in North Carolina, Skye Templeton and her seventh-grade Social Studies class dive into online documents and videos to study casualties in World War II. A few desks over, Sara Sharpe’s sixth-graders work through online drills on ratios and percents in a Math class that blends traditional teaching with technology-supported instruction.

These are the types of classrooms that will one day be commonplace for students across the country, but implementing a digital take-home project is not without its challenges. Many of these come from administrative processes that must change as the school adopts a new way of working. For example, a digital school can leverage an integrated learning management system (LMS) to allow parents to monitor their children’s progress and submit feedback directly to the teacher.