Explore Expert Tips from Ian Mausner for Boosting Mental Fitness during COVID-19

Ian Mausner the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected both mental and physical health and overall well-being. It is important to give top priority to your health during these distressing and trying times. With the sudden unexpected outbreak of COVID and its ongoing onslaught, everyone is leading their life in crisis mode. It is extremely stressful and challenging to stay calm and collected. It is easy to lose your sanity because of the depressing circumstancesIan Mausner points out that as per the findings of various studies by the American Psychiatric Association, 36 percent of Americans admit that the Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected their mental health. However, there are effective ways of tackling this issue. Here are a few solid and workable tips just for you.

Ian Mausner Setting a Schedule Helps

With most people working from home and schools operating online, it could be quite possible for the day to go by without any breaks for exercise, meals, and any fun. If you fail to set a schedule and stick firmly to it, burnout is certain to leave you exasperated and emotionally exhausted. It may be a good idea to set a more flexible schedule than usual in the event there are kids at home who require care or education.

Ian Mausner Take Breaks from Media

We know that COVID-19 and news of the havoc it is creating worldwide are having a negative impact on the minds of people. It is leading to fear, stress, and depression. It is important for everyone to stay abreast of the latest developments in terms of health and COVID but it is highly recommended by experts at CDC or the centers for Disease Control and Prevention to take media breaks. Ian Mausner suggests that it is best to watch the news once in a while during the day just to stay updated. It is better not to go on watching the same depressing news throughout the day. That could be quite damaging for your mental health and well-being.

Carry on Socializing

It is of pivotal importance to remain connected with your friends and others outside your home. It is human nature to connect with friends and family and mingle. May not be possible or recommended by health experts to go out and have get-togethers physically. However, we know that humans would love to socialize and interact. Complete isolation from close friends and family outside your home could prove to be a cause of anxiety and depression.

You could make use of the digital world and start using advanced tools such as Zoom, Skype, Facebook messenger, Google Hangouts, FaceTime etc. and set up a group video chat. Could have a great time connecting with your near and dear ones and that should distract you for a while from the COVID-19 issue. You could organize team happy hours or video chat lunches. Moreover, you could always call your friends and like-minded people who motivate you. Talk to your grandparents or parents if they are away from you.

Do Regular Exercises

Regular workouts could help in boosting your health and morale. Ian Mausner recommends exercising as the real fitness mantra during COVID-19. A daily workout regimen can help in uplifting your mood and spirits and do wonders for your overall mental well-being. Many studies have revealed a positive connection between the reduction in depression and regular exercise. Get everybody in your family involved in a fast and easy workout session when you feel that the moods are dipping.


You could boost your mental well-being and overall health by following the above-mentioned tips. However, you could also consider taking help from meditation. It could be a perfect solution for tackling daily frustration, stress, or anxiety.