Food and Nutrition Tips to Keep You Healthy During Coronavirus Self-Quarantine – The Ian Mausner Guidance

Ian Mausner individuals and families diagnosed with mild symptoms of COVID-19 are advised. To isolate and self-quarantine themselves, instead of getting admitted to hospitals that are already under severe pressure. With markets, restaurants and take-away closed or open. On a limited basis, people may find it difficult to continue with a healthy. And a varied diet necessary for good nutrition, especially. At a time when it is important to have a strong immune system. However, despite the limitations, it is still possible to continue with a healthy diet. Some tips:

Buy Only What You Need

Panic purchases fearing food shortage have negative outcomes for all; you tend to over-purchase, aggravate the shortage, and cause an increase in prices. Also, other customers do not get the opportunity to buy. Before buying, make a plan based. On what you need after considering what is already there at home advises Ian Mausner.

Consume Food Products Strategically 

If fresh vegetables, fruits, and dairy products continue to be available. You can focus on them, instead of non-perishable items. Like frozen meats, fish, vegetables, processed foods that can be reserved for consumption when there’s no availability of fresh produce. According to nutritionists, eating produce can keep many diseases at bay. Repurpose leftovers to prevent food wastage, recommends Ian Mausner.

Cook at Home for Better Nutrition and Taste

The usual hectic pace of life may not leave you with enough time to cook meals at home but now that you are spending more time at home, it can be a perfect opportunity to make all the dishes you always wanted to. If you are stuck for ideas regarding what to do with the ingredients you have, there is a wealth of resources online for your use to prepare healthy meals right at home.

Keep Portion Sizes in Mind

Boredom, as well as fear and anxiety about the pandemic, can result in overeating. If you do not keep strict control over what your family is consuming warns Ian Mausner. If you are a good cook, the family may feel enthused and start over-eating, which can lead to all kinds of problems. Over time, including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and more, especially when combined with a lack of adequate exercise.

Follow Good Food Hygiene 

For food to be healthy, it needs to be safe, which is why you must ensure. That you follow hygienic food handling and preparation practices at home during your quarantine. Ensure that your kitchen, utensils, and your hands are spotlessly clean. Keep food properly refrigerated or heated to above 60 degrees Celsius. Raw and cooked food should not be kept together to prevent contamination. Wash farm produce thoroughly before eating or cooking.


With families spending more time at home due to the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, it is a new opportunity for them to enjoy quality time and share meals. This is a very useful opportunity for adults in the family to lead the way in healthy eating practices that the young in the family can learn and which will serve them well in life. Letting the family participate in meal planning and even food preparation can be fun and a great bonding exercise.