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How to Set Up a Kuhli Loach Tank

Black moor goldfish care fish that can be found in a variety of colors. They are a very peaceful and intelligent fish and make great tank mates. In the wild, kuhli loaches are bottom-dwellers that burrow and scavenge for food on riverbeds. In captivity, they do well in aquariums that mimic their natural habitat. They require a sandy substrate that allows them to dig. They also enjoy a moderately acidic and soft water with a pH between 7.0 and 6.0.

Ideally, they are best kept in groups. They are very social and prefer to be with other kuhli loaches. This helps them feel safer and more confident in the presence of others. They can also be paired with other peaceful, non-aggressive fish species such as Danios, Gouramis, Tetras and Rasboras. Larger fish such as Cichlids and Tiger Barbs should be avoided because these are aggressive fish that will consider kuhli loaches as prey.

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A kuhli loach tank should be set up with rocks, driftwood, a good amount of foliage and plenty of hiding places. It is recommended that you keep the tank size around 20 gallons to provide ample space for them to swim and hide. It is important to keep in mind that kuhli loaches have barbels that are prone to injury if they come into contact with sharp objects in the aquarium such as the inlet tube of a filter.

As a rule of thumb, you should feed your kuhli loach in the evening after turning off the aquarium lights. They are a nocturnal species and might not come out to eat if they think that it is still daytime.

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