Ian Mausner Explains the Usefulness of Workplace Sanitization & Disinfection

Ian Mausner the emergence of more and also more industries. And commercialized spaces has led to a contribution to the rise of germs, bacteria, and also other diseases. The latest COVID 19 pandemic has brought the widespread virus devastatingly; along with death rates tolling high. In a situation like this, Ian Mausner believes. That this is the right time for promoting workplace safety very strongly through proper sanitization and also disinfection. Cleanliness and also hygiene are the two major goals at the workplace that need to be given importance in the current times. 

The Importance of Workplace Sanitization

The Novel Corona Virus disease created an uncontrollable impact. On our way of living and also working, the virus had affected public life by completely shutting down everything. 

It was seen that many organizations promoted remote work. While some companies still had to operate within office boundaries. 

Ian Mausner firmly believes the employer must take responsibility and maintain a clean working environment. Each employee should feel secure and safe to come and also perform work every day.

As everything is scheduled back to the new normal. The office needs staff, workers, employees to be on the premises. At disinfection. Routine ought to eliminate and eradicate the risk of viral count on objects.

Ian Mausner Highlights Tips on Disinfection & Sanitization at Workplace:

Keep Office Equipment Disinfected

Disinfecting critical areas at the workplace that possesses. The chances of the spread of germs drastically need to be the top priority. Multi-user workstations and shared equipment are prone to germs, viruses, and bacteria; with proper disinfection, it reduces the spread of illness and the equipment lasts longer, becomes functional. And more usable as they are away from dust and unwanted germs.  

Disinfectant Wipes for All Employees

At least once in a day, an employer must encourage the staff to use disinfectant wipes. To keep their desk and also personal space sanitized. The employer should regularly provide disinfectant wipes to their staff. So they can keep their workspace along with themselves healthy and safe. With hands, nose, and mouth like handles, telephone, keyboard, and mouse. 

Use of Auto Sanitizers

Eliminate the use of touch-based sanitizers at the workplace. Throughout the day a lot of people use sanitizers that contaminate the bottle. Going for fully automatic sanitizers allows touch-less operation which is a far better and also reasonable solution. It dispenses a sufficient amount of sanitizer allowing employees to disinfect their hands systematically.


Workplace sanitization and disinfection should follow the same set of rules and protocols as followed at healthcare places. Removing the dirt, using the disinfectant product, frequently disinfecting surfaces are some rules that must be followed. Sanitizing your business establishment shouldn’t be imposed under any burden but it should be developed by a strategic plan before re-opening and operating your workplace. Keeping your employee and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic should be the priority of every business.