Ian Mausner Explains Ways to Stay Motivated & Positive During Pandemic

Ian Mausner the reality of living the “new normal” after the global lockdown has finally hit the world. And it will take us a lot of time to adjust and accept the reality with a heavy heart. With no clear end and an uncertain future in front of us, being disturbed mentally. As well as physically is pretty common. Having to stay distant from the people we love, not going to our favorite place. And not doing activities that we once did, is already a lot to tackle with. Staying motivated and positive seems blurry for now but Ian Mausner says it can’t be impossible. With dozens of reasons to feel low, there are many ways to boost motivation, be thankful and positive. 

Ian Mausner Tips on Motivation & Positivity 

Re-modify Your Goals

Focus on short term goals, for now, that keeps you moving. A 30-days challenge to getting in shape is an example that you can follow up. Give yourself something to work upon. Remind yourself every day that you have something to do for yourself today. 

Pamper Yourself

Pampering is one piece of advice that contributes a lot to mental and emotional health. Make sure you dedicate time to cater to your needs. Listen to your heart, and push yourself away from anxiety and stress. Dedicate time in a day only to focus on keeping yourself papering. Through a guitar lesson, skincare routine, exercise, yoga anything.

Maintain Social Connections

People who you love talking to should always be in your connection. A significant way to boost motivation and to be positive is staying social with few but the best ones. You won’t realize how important interacting is until you’ve no one to talk to. So don’t let that feeling come into your life. Take some time out of your life and get in touch. With your friends, family, communicate, interact, and make enough use of technology. That is present to keep us intact and together.

Go for Therapy

Coronavirus has ruined us mentally, and there is no harm in reaching for a therapy session. To gain motivation and to find the true roots of positivity in life. Ian Mausner suggests seeking out a licensed professional that provides. You the right space to discuss, share some strategies, techniques, and control emotions.

Watch Funny Movies/ Videos

At times when you have nothing to do, a funny video or a movie. Can save you from anxiety, boredom, and dullness. It is a way to experience things, be happy, and to give you a short break from a boring life. Funny videos of kids, animals have genuinely helped people; some motivation videos will be good too if you utilize the technology rightly. 


Feeling demotivated is normal and sometimes feeling nothing is normal too. But do not let the negativity be there in you for a longer time. Give yourself a lot of resources and time to feel motivated and positive. This is the most important thing that will help you get going during this tough Pandemic crisis.