Ian Mausner Offers Tips for Keeping Your Children Mentally & Physically Fit Even During COVID-19 Quarantine

Ian Mausner COVID-19 has completely transformed the world. Life has become pretty difficult, particularly for children. School is conducted online, and also kids are taught at home. With the advent of fall, there has been a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. Wintertime is supposed to be a testing time and also it is best to stay indoors. To prevent COVID-19 from bouncing back with vengeance. Ian Mausner observes that since normal activities and fun times have been curtailed because of social distancing. And self-isolation, children are not able to cope with these drastic changes in their normal way of life.

As parents, it is your responsibility to boost their morale and motivate them. To seek pleasures in the small things in life and help them to understand that they are lucky. To be safe and together as a familyHere are some fruitful tips to keep your kids away from undue mental stress. And to boost mental health and overall happiness.

Motivate Your Children to Disclose their Feelings

Parents need to exercise a lot of patience and understanding. To help their kids cope with this unprecedented situation triggered by COVID-19. You must motivate them to talk openly with you. Encourage your kids to tell you about their fears, wishes, and feelings. Devote time to them and listen to what they have to say. Respect their feelings and show empathy. You must make them understand that you would be supporting them. And giving them the love they need to overcome the obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ian Mausner recommends setting a loose routine since structure could have a calming influence. And it may give children a precise sense of purpose.

This could be different from one family to another and from one state to another. Your children should have a say in setting this routine. Empowering children through choice is of pivotal importance for boosting their mental health and well-being.

Make Time for Meditation, Movement, & Breaks

Parents must consider managing their expectations in terms of their kids. Children may be having online classes conducted by their school because of COVID-19. You need to keep in mind as parents that your kids would be enjoying breaks and also playtime even while in school. They would certainly not sit still and study for five or six hours at a stretch.

You need to focus on inserting short meaningful breaks to break the monotony and also allow some movement. You could enjoy an online family fitness session in between serious school studies. Do some indoor exercises from time to time and eat right. You may consider indulging in meditation to uplift your mood. You could motivate your children to consider meditation and even some breathing exercises. Ian Mausner believes that parents must lead by example. They should demonstrate the value of exercise and meditation to the children and inspire them.


Your children must be told that they would need to compromise on and sacrifice certain things in their way of life because of the COVID-19 pandemic but remember to assure them that this is a temporary phase and is sure to go away in a while. Help them cheer up and keep them motivated at all times.