Ian Mausner Provides Recommendation about Ways to Protect You While Travelling During the Pandemic Outbreak

Ian Mausner we postponed taking a vacation or going for a short weekend getaway for a very long time. But now, it’s high time and we can’t stop the urge of heading out any longer. You are on the verge of planning a trip to somewhere, but you are possibly worried as to how to travel and be safe during this pandemic time. Regardless of where, when, and how you go, it is certain that you will have to face the factor of COVID-19, that might affect your travel plan. Ian Mausner suggests not giving up on traveling but follow these life-saving tips and a cautious approach to minimize the risk. These tips will keep you safe, whether you are going in a car, bus, or flight, living in a hotel, cabin, or a room.

Ian Mausner Suggests Some Travel-Friendly Tips during COVID-19

Carry a Sanitizer

You won’t have access to soaps and water all the time, using a hand sanitizer is far better which should be of 60% alcohol. Every time you touch a surface or an object, ensure you use a sanitizer. Practice a 20-second cleaning of your hand, as it is the best defense to keeping away germs.

If You Are Ill, Avoid Traveling

No matter how important it is for you to travel, being sick calls for dropping the plan. You could be denied traveling if you seem to be unwell while catching a flight or boarding in a hotel. So, to protect yourself and your fellow travelers, it is best not to travel anywhere and rest.

Avoid Huge Group Travel

When it comes to passengers and travelers, there are certain limits to it. Do not over limit the passenger number especially if you are traveling in a car. It is important to maintain social distancing, and in a secluded vehicle, you are at a higher risk. Ian Mausner suggests that you carry enough spare fuel, snacks, and also wear masks. Keep your window open, breathe fresh air, do not switch on the car AC, as it can contaminate the air. 

Stay Far from People with Cough/Cold

If you are traveling and you notice someone around you sick and coughing constantly, even if it’s a normal flu it is best to stay away from the person. While you are traveling, you are exposed to several germs, dust, bacteria that can harm and affect your immune system. Try and avoid getting in contact with sick people, as they can possess the chance of being infected, do not use a public bathroom, don’t touch too many surfaces, be cautious in every step.


Some types of travel can put you at high risk and exposure to COVID-19, it is better to travel only if it is extremely important to you. Avoid being in a crowd, carry medicines, sanitizers, and enough masks with you. Plan your trip by considering your health first, and focus on improving your immune system.