Ian Mausner provides tips for dealing with uncertainty during the coronavirus

Uncertainty and life are interrelated. Especially at times like the present, many things remain out of control. Moreover your mental frame is significant for coping up with difficult circumstances and facing uncertainty, says Ian Mausner. Human life was never devoid of these complexities. The current pandemic has heightened the uncertainty over employment, economy, relationships, finances, and mental health. Hence, individuals are showing their level best to crave security. Everybody wants to feel safe and develop a sense of control over their wellbeing and lives. Uncertainty and fear may leave you with a feeling of anxiousness, stress, and powerlessness.

What must you do to deal with uncertainty during the pandemic?

According to Ian Mausner, you have to learn about how to cope with difficult times. Uncertainty is an unavoidable and natural part of human life. Focusing on regulating those things which are under your custody and challenging your need for certainty is crucial. Learning to tolerate better, embrace the uncertainty of life will help in reducing stress and anxiety level. Apart from this, take a detailed look at the following points

Think about those aspects of which you have control:

Take action on those things over which you can deliberate. Do not hover your mind with uncertain thoughts. However, it is perilous, indeed. Also the recovery of the economy, the spread of the virus, the rise of economic uncertainty, everything leads to powerlessness. Whatever the fear is, try to refocus your mind by taking action over aspects that exist within your control. By doing this, you will switch from ineffective and ruminating worries into an active problem-solving arena.

Try to challenge your requirement for certainty:

while changes and uncertainty are inescapable aspects of life. People adapt themselves to try to cope up with the discomfort of life. Therefore by excessively seeking reassurance from others and constantly searching for information on the digital platform, you will remove uncertainty from your life. According to Ian Mausner, you should micromanage people and force them to change to make their behavior more predictable. Procrastination is another significant aspect here. Sometimes you abstain from making decisions. By avoiding certain situations, it prevents bad things from taking place. In addition to this, repeatedly checking the things under your control will reassure you of your abilities.

Try to accept the reality:

No matter how difficult situations might turn, eliminate volatility and doubt from life. You have to uphold the way things are. Identify your answer to triggers and channel your energy towards self-generating activities. You require the help of external sources for doing this. According to Ian Mausner, you have to direct your mind to focus on positive things amid fear and uncertainties. Allow yourself to feel the difficult situation. Like all other emotions, when you allow yourself to feel tension and suspicion, it triggers your mental frame.

In addition to this, you can take media and newspapers to understand the current situation better. Managing anxiety and stress has a lot to do with your attitude. Try to take out time for relaxation and get plenty of sleep. Take care of your diet and make provisions for regular physical exercise to channel your anxiety and worries.