Ian Mausner Shares Vital Tips for a Safe Clinic Visit during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ian Mausner getting your routine and also emergency healthcare is quite important even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, everyone especially, in the medical fraternity is aware of the consequences of being callous. They are taking proactive steps and precautions to reduce the potential risks of exposure to the coronavirus.

In doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and also medical centers. Ian Mausner reminds you that patient safety. Hence, there is no reason for you to hesitate to visit clinics or doctors for your pending routine consultations, pre-scheduled surgeries, and also their follow-ups. You should remember to maintain a manual of certain precautions before visiting a clinic. And hospitals to protect their patients.

Steps to Keep the Medical Facilities Sanitized & Safe

  • Patients have been asked to visit the doctor by someone to the extent possible.
  • Screening is done for everybody entering the facility
  • Isolating patients demonstrating coronavirus infection symptoms
  • Dedicating an entirely separate entrance for COVID-positive patients
  • Maintaining stringent visitor regulations and also several restrictions at all hospitals and clinics.
  • All staff members, doctors, healthcare providers, patients, and even visitors to constantly wear face masks and also other face shields.
  • Rigorous disinfecting and cleaning all equipment and facilities.

Tips for Patients Visiting a Medical Center or Doctor’s Clinic

Ian Mausner points out some safety and coronavirus preventive tips. To the doctor’s clinic and fruitful consultation.

Maintain Social Distancing Dictates

There may not be any official lockdown restrictions, but you must practice social physical distancing whenever you are out of your home. You must be extra careful and also conscious while visiting a doctor as there could be a possibility of coming in contact with a COVID positive person and also obviously, that is not what you have in mind.

Consider Scheduling an Appointment Well in Advance

If you take prior appointments, it would save you from waiting with other people. Try to arrive just around the indicated time and also wait in your car if possible to avoid unnecessary infection. Call your hospital or clinic to know if they are accepting online or telephone appointments.

Better to Go Cashless

Ian Mausner insists that it is high time to start transacting digitally. Going cashless is the best way of minimizing the coronavirus risks as it would safely eliminate contact with paper currency.


Follow your personal hygiene habits strictly. While visiting a clinic, it is best to use hand sanitizer from time to time. Avoid touching anything over there.  Refrain from touching your nose, eyes, or mouth while still in the hospital. Always wear a mask or any other face shield. Consider the following social distancing mandates. Remember to order medicines from reliable sites online.