Mistakes to avoid in your journey towards success in business – Ian Mausner

Making a high profit is the aim of every entrepreneur. Without profit, the existence of the business remains challenged. Hence, entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for avenues to increase their revenues says Ian Mausner. For turning your venture into a profitable one, you will have to open yourself to experimentation. Use your experience and skills to stand out in the competition.

You will have to understand the market scenario and use it to realize your profit. However, in this process, novice entrepreneurs often make some mistakes. Hence, you will have to stay away from these to assure yourself of a better future.

Accounting bank balance

You cannot calculate profitability based on your bank balance. It is the most common mistake every entrepreneur makes. Now, why is this? The business works on resources. However, relying on a bank account is not the only way of gauging your resources. You cannot exhaust your resources for achieving your goals, reveals Ian Mausner. You need to grab the help of financial institutions in the form of loans and mortgages. It will help you to analyze your resources and convert them into profitable assets.


Margin is a vital indicator of profit. However, most individuals misunderstand the significance of margins. You will have to deduct the direct expenses from your revenues to understand the margin. Divide the same with revenue, and that will help you to get the actual figures. Never depend on gross profit but try to grab the real ones. When you know your profit and loss, it will help you to work on your strategies.

Wrong calculation

Once you have worked on the profit margin, the next step you will have to take is calculating the price. If you do not figure price tags, Ian Mausner says it will affect your resources. Remember that you are working in a highly competitive environment. Hence, the prices cannot be too high. If your customers see that your commodities’ costs are higher than others, they will look for other alternatives.

Cut on expenses

When you suddenly realize that the money in your bank comes from the customers and does not belong to you, human nature is to panic. However, you have to abstain from these silly mistakes. Remember that all expenses will not have a similar impact on the profit. A proper study of your resources will help you understand your costs and your revenue, states Ian Mausner. Hence, you will have to go for cost-cutting only when you have a comprehensive analysis of your valuables.

When providing your customers with price discounts, you will have to evaluate your finances. When engaging yourself in the price competition, you cannot price your items too low as they do not increase your profit. Hence, you will have to make various calculated decisions if you want to flourish in the market. Lastly, you cannot ignore labor costs, processing costs, and other expenses. Hence calculating business expenses is a must.