Some Bitcoin alternatives, as anticipated by Ian Mausner

Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that has gained immense popularity as a cryptocurrency variant. However, with time other choices are coming before investors says Ian Mausner. However, before getting into the alternatives, you will understand what old coins and cryptocurrency are. Cryptocurrency is digital money in the form of coins and tokens that get used extensively for online transactions. Various types of cryptocurrencies have created their space in the physical world, like paper money.

Complicated cryptography plays an important role in cryptocurrency because it processes and creates digital currencies used in the transaction. Since it is a decentralized system, the investor gets immense freedom in the transaction. Cryptocurrencies feature codes developed by a whole team working behind its mechanism. Hence, the features of cryptocurrency are more diverse.


The first alternative to Bitcoin is ethereum. It is decentralized software enabling intelligent contracts and decentralized applications. The main aim of etherium is to create a decentralized realm of financial products that are freely accessible to any individual, explains Ian Mausner. Irrespective of faith, community, or nationality, people get access to these assets. Hence, etherium is making an impact in the modern market and compelling investors to invest in them. It helps in building the transaction without any control, fraud, downtime, or interference.


Introduced in the year 2011, Litecoin works on similar technology like Bitcoin and is one option you can explore. It is the most viable alternative to Bitcoin because of its features. Global payment networks help in the processing of Litecoin all across the globe. The payment method gets decoded by using the CPU. Ian Mausner shows that Bitcoin and Litecoin use faster block generating rates and enable more secured transactions. Hence, you get a smooth process in no time. Litecoin has come a long way after its inception. It has wide popularity in the entrepreneurial world.


Cardano was creat with a joint effort of mathematicians, engineers, and also cryptography experts. Various international organizations have played a proactive role in its development. Peer-reviewed researchers and extensive experimentation back the creation. The rigorous process has thereby resulted in a high-quality cryptocurrency called Cardano. It became popularly regarded as the etherium-killer in the cryptocurrency world to remedy legal tracing, voter fraud, and much more by establishing decentralized monetary products.

Lastly, you can take a look at polka dot and Bitcoin cash. These are other well-known and functional cryptocurrencies that got extensively mined all across. All these possibilities have their pros and cons. What is requiring is a proper analysis of these in detail, says Ian Mausner.

If you take a look, you will see that it is an open blockchain networking. It was creat to provide entrepreneurial solutions. It tries to connect financial institutions for enabling large transactions. Hence, different cryptocurrencies have different areas of expertise. You must also look into each alternative to do well in the crypto world. If you jump into the crypto world without knowledge, you might fail miserably. Thus gather understanding before taking the plunge.