Ian Mausner blog Vape Pod – How to Prevent Spit and Gurgle

Vape Pod – How to Prevent Spit and Gurgle

Nvee vape pod devices come in many forms, from closed cartridges and pod systems to open advanced mods. The type of device you choose depends on your budget, goals for reducing nicotine, and the number of puffs you plan to take each day. Regardless of the device you use, all forms of vaping are cheaper than smoking in the long term. Pod systems are a good choice for beginners and people who prefer convenience as they require less maintenance and e-liquid consumption than other devices.

One of the main reasons why your device may spit or gurgle is because of excess e-liquid. When you puff hard, the extra e-liquid enters the atomizer coil assembly and creates air pressure. This causes a gurgling sound and some of the extra liquid may even enter your mouth! To prevent this, try not to puff too firmly.

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If the device is leaking, remove the pod and examine it for signs of excess e-liquid. If there is, blow firmly on the bottom of the pod to force the e-liquid out. Repeat this step until the excess e-liquid is gone.

Pods are available with prefilled e-liquid or sealed at the base so that you can refill and replace them as needed. This enables you to experience different flavors without having to swap out the coils or purchase a whole new device. Pod systems are also more user-friendly and offer great value in the long run, especially when you compare them to disposables.

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